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Tooke Consulting Group provides strategic pricing services with staff that have expertise in estimating, pricing, and operations, enhancing our ability to identify risks, develop realistic and reasonable cost estimates, and maximize cost competitiveness.

  • Prepositioning/Baselining – We gather intelligence, define hot buttons, analyze cost drivers/RFP requirements and evaluate available cost data to baseline our client’s competitive position.

  • Competitive Assessment – Tooke Consulting Group assesses win strategies, implementation plans, and overhead/pricing structures to enhance our client’s winning position.

  • Cost-Pricing Model – Tooke Consulting Group works with our clients to develop the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), map the WBS to Contract Line Items (CLINs), ensure continuity across pricing sections, and develop sample task execution strategies.

  • Basis of Estimate (BOE) – We develop a detailed BOE to convey our approach (i.e., what, who, when, how), including detailed calculations and productivity analyses to mitigate risk.

  • Pricing/Price Risk Assessment – In today’s competitive market, you need to ensure the agency is performing an “apples-to-apples” bid comparison and be smarter than the competition. Our pricing specialists have 30+ years of experience to ensure both objectives are met.

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