& Dynamic Proposals

Tooke Consulting Group has won some of the largest, most complex proposals across multiple industries by providing industry-leading proposal consultants, hands-on project management professionals, and seasoned business executives.

By merging these capabilities, we develop creative strategies, dynamic execution plans, and “compelling and extraordinary” proposals.


  • Pre-RFP Proposal Support – By starting early to develop the strawman RFP, proposal themes, resumes/project descriptions, and execution plan, we provide opportunities for achieving inspired solutions.

  • Storyboards & Mockups – Tooke Consulting Group facilitates brainstorming and creative problem solving through the storyboard process and defines the proposal’s logic and structure through mockups.

  • Proposal Management – With staff that directed large proposal groups and managed hundreds of proposals, we understand how to balance discipline and flexibility to achieve results.

  • Proposal Writing – Our proposal writers combine artistic storytelling with hard-hitting metrics and clearly defined benefits to develop selling, compelling, and persuasive proposals.

  • Targeted Response – We write proposals that are optimized to meet solicitation evaluation requirements, including Best Value (i.e., past performance, risk, reliability, and innovation are equally weighted) and LPTA (i.e., low price evaluated against “acceptability” criteria that don’t include measurement versus the competition).

  • Technical Knowledge – Our staff have experience writing proposals that address a solicitation’s technical requirements. For example, when supporting Performance-Based Remediation (PBR) proposals, we prepare Optimized Exit Strategies and Performance Models that focus on Accelerated Site Closures and reduced life cycle costs for the Government.

  • Graphic Design – As graphics continue to become a discriminator, we offer full-service graphic design to enhance proposal messaging, maximize visual appeal, and facilitate evaluation.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our proposal development expertise or if you would like to schedule a professional consultation, we invite you to contact us today!