Capture Planning
& Positioning

Solutions for a
Leading Capture Strategy

  • Go/No-Go Challenge – Before starting the capture process, Tooke Consulting Group conducts a go/no-go challenge to ensure our clients either have or can build a compelling strategy to achieve winning results.

  • Capture Plan Development – Tooke Consulting Group has developed more than 200 unique capture plans to win opportunities issued by dozens of Federal agencies, providing valuable lessons learned and creative tactics.

  • Capture Management – Our highly experienced Capture Managers work with your team to manage, nurture and evolve capture strategies and “think through” the winning solution.

  • Business Development & Client Positioning – Tooke Consulting Group provides business development support and “creativity in action” to enhance agency positioning, obtain intelligence, and frame the competitive landscape.

  • Teaming Support/Networking – By leveraging our network and established relationships, Tooke Consulting Group helps you fill strategic gaps through a structured, disciplined teaming process.

Achieving a Winning

Capture planning is a creative art and a critical step in achieving a winning strategy on must-win proposals.

Tooke Consulting Group has established a highly successful and disciplined process for helping our clients develop successful capture strategies.

We enhance positioning, teaming, and creative execution approaches by applying in-depth agency/industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Have Questions?

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